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Emily Kasriel is under contract with Harper Collins US and UK to write a book about Deep Listening. 


She is an experienced media executive who has led a range of high-profile projects on staff for the BBC as well as reporting and producing for the BBC from five continents.


She has developed the Deep Listening approach as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at King's College Policy Institute in London and previously as a Practitioner in Residence at the London School of Economics. She has also drawn on her decade long experience as an Executive Coach, accredited with the Association for Coaching, and more recently as a workplace mediator as well as on the insights of psychologists, peacemakers, lawyers, organisational behaviour practitioners and other academics. Based on her research, she recently published an article about Deep Listening for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. 


She has led the BBC British Council Crossing Divides around the Globe project, signing up more than 1000 young people from 119 countries for her training in Deep Listening to celebrate the BBC centenary – following a pilot of 150 in Lebanon, 300 IBM executives from across Europe; executive coaches from multiple organisations; and cohorts of leaders from the British army to McDonald’s with the UK’s  Forward Institute for responsible leadership.


In her work at BBC News she led projects spanning BBC Crossing Divides to SoICanBreathe to setting up and running the BBC News Komla Dumor Award for African journalists - as well as running arts and culture, religion and then the ideas area at the BBC World Service. 


She was also Senior Adviser to the Skoll Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and a Visiting Fellow at Said Business School at the University of Oxford. She has written for a number of major publications and chairs a wide range of panels, events and interviews around the world, and is on the board of the Wingate Foundation.


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