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Coaching and Mediation


Executive Coach with a decade of experience. 

Accredited as an Executive Coach by the Association of Coaching 

Workplace mediator trained and accredited by Consensio

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I see my coaching as empowering the client’s journey of self – awareness, Through our work together, we create a transformational space of focus, safety and deep reflection where new catalytic thinking can emerge enabling fresh behaviours and possibilities.  The client can therefore make more intentional choices to be the leader they want to be, in the context of their key stakeholders. My work as a coach has informed my work on Deep Listening which has in turn enriches my coaching practice.

I was initially trained as a coach by the BBC Executive Coaching programme, and have benefited hugely from training in Team Coaching, strength-based coaching, embodied coaching, and NLP coaching.   With over 250 hours of coaching experience, I received accreditation from the Association of Coaching as an Executive Coach. 

Working with Emily gave me great insight into my impact as a leader, how I use my skills and energy in new, effective and different ways.  It also provided a haven of time and space within a hectic period in my job to think proactively and strategically, rather than reactively and tactically.  Emily held the space for me in a way that made me feel psychologically safe and able to share.

There have been clear benefits for me from the coaching. Professionally, the sessions have helped me reflect on how I lead staff, what I can do to be more effective and to change some behaviours that were affecting my confidence . This has had an enormous impact on my work allowing me to better reach my potential. I am leading a significant change management project and I can see clear benefits in business outputs, the impact on staff as well as an increasing sense of reward personally.

Emily provided me with transitional coaching. It was both a challenging and rewarding experience, and Emily's approach really helped me to think about and question my thought patterns and approach to situations. I really valued Emily's insights and guidance.

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