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Deep Listening

Deep Listening is a transformational approach that enables us to have more profound encounters and truly understand each other.  In evolving this approach, I have drawn heavily on the work of the late psychologist Carl Rogers, Professor Avraham Kluger and upon academic research by psychologists, lawyers, therapists and fellow coaches and mediators.

I deliver bespoke, one-to-one coaching and workshops to universities, businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Through my enthusiastic, hands-on interactive approach, I empower people to listen, engage and lead more effectively.

What makes my work distinctive is that my approach draws on rigorous academic evidence and real life experiences to empower people to create news ways of engaging with others, particularly across divides.  In addition to my solo work, I also collaborate with The Forward Institute  and the British Council.

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How can Deep Listening tackle polarisation?  |  British Council Essay 

Drawing on academic research and the reflections of Deep Listening training participants, the essay details the impact DL has had on individuals and communities around the world. 


Deep Listening in Lebanon – Radio Programme| BBC


Interview and live Deep Listening demo on BBC World Service OS programme explaining the process and outcome of the Lebanese Deep Listening project. 

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Deep Listening as a guest on

The Moral Maze BBC Radio 4


Making the case for kindness and Deep Listening as a Witness on this influential moral discussion show

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